EMP Session Series 6 | In Home Child LIFE Sessions

This past year, I have dug up photos I took of my children and tucked away for a later time to edit. Somehow 4, 5, 6 years fly by...parents you know what I'm taking about!  And I now see images that show a piece of childhood that we are not experiencing anymore. These are precious pieces of my kids' childhood that I want to remember.
I've begun to appreciate and love a more documentary lifestyle type of photo. The kind where hair can be a little wild and messy and a kid can show me all their favorite toys.
These images are of Shay at age 5 in her room with her favorite toys.

One of my boys and his love of Legos. His little hands, feet and determination. And the sprinkle of freckles that frames his eyes. Monkey jammies worn all day long with holes in the knees. And bed head.

In home child life sessions can be true to life with very little arranging of the areas we photograph, as shown in the images of my son. Or they can a little more tidied up as shown in the images of my daughter on her bed. So many possibilities, personal to your child. Light will be a main factor in choosing where the photos are taken in your home. Black & White and Color options available.

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