When I first began my journey as a photographer, I remember just wanting to be able to sit down with someone more experienced and ask all the questions. This was back when there was very little information on the internet about digital photography and not very many photographers were offering workshops/mentorships. Over the past 15 years, my style, shooting techniques, editing techniques and business have evolved with lots of trial and error, hard work, and help from others. If there’s any part of my work that you are interested in learning from, I’m an open book during mentorships. I love helping others find their style and grow as a photographic artist.


Online Mentoring

This is perfect if you need help in a few specific areas that we can talk through together via video conference. Whether it be editing, using natural light, figuring out your style, how to communicate with clients, how to get families to interact to capture movement and emotions, posing, directing during a session, a review of your portfolio, setting your prices, etc. This time is catered to what you want to learn and talk about. I can share my screen with you during this time if need be to show some of my editing techniques.

$350 | 1.5 hours

Online Mentoring
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In Person Mentoring

This is me and you spending a day together where you can see my full process (choose from in-home newborn, in-home family, outdoor family, or outdoor couple session).
We’ll meet up at a coffee shop in North Phoenix/Scottsdale to get to know each other and chat through where you want to grow or make changes in your work. I’ll take a look at your current portfolio and you can ask any questions you have.

Then we’ll photograph your selected session type together so that you can see how I direct clients, find the best light, and choose compositions. I’ll be directing you through everything from camera settings, lens choices, and how to bring out genuine smiles and connections.

Finally we’ll grab some food and sit down to edit the images you took. I want you to end our time together with some beautiful new images for your portfolio and lots of knowledge that you can use in your photography and business.

Just me and you | $1100 | up to 5 hours
Shared with a friend | $1700 ($850 each) | up to 6 hours

Please contact me directly to set up an in person mentoring session



If there’s enough interest, I’d love to plan a fun weekend workshop for a small group of photographers where we can learn, shoot, edit and have fun together.
Shoot me an email if this is something you’d like as an option in the future!