I got my license to start my photography business back in 2004, so I’ve been officially doing this for a while and so grateful to be! Started out with an in home studio photographing bellies and babies. Discovered I love outdoor photography and ditched the studio. Learned to never say never when I started shooting weddings in 2009. Discovered I loved photographing newborns in home and continue getting my baby fix that way.

I’ve also discovered that the heart and soul of what I want to give you in photographs is the love and connection you have with your most treasured humans. And that’s what it comes down to no matter what I’m photographing.

This stage of parenting is my favorite so far. For all the sass, moodiness and attitude, I love the conversations, the humor, and the fun.
Salsa is my favorite food. I could practically drink it. Orange is my favorite color. Particularly the shade that makes up my logo. And my favorite books include mostly fantasy, sci-fy and YA
I’m team Introvert, though I’ve never done one of those tests that tells you. Cuz I don’t want to be put in a box man! I’m sure there’s an enneagram number for exactly that.

I don’t have the best memory, but I can still sing my elementary school fight song. I hate running but go twice a week with Matt because runners high is legit. I’m a mountain girl at heart and think coffee is a hug in a cup.

Alright enough about me. Click on over to the contact section and tell me about YOU!

Images by the talented Doni Brinkman of Live Loved Photography