EMP Session Series 5 | Child IMAGINE Sessions

I ADORE child image sessions. They are so much fun for me to plan and the kids really love them too. After all, the goal is to create a setting the ignites their imaginations and create photos that tell a story about that time in their lives.

When my boys turned 5, I wanted to do a session that would capture their love of water, mud, adventure and mischief. These are the images that resulted. Child imagine sessions do take more planning than a regular child session. Props, wardrobe, and setting are all important parts of making this type of session come to life. If you are interested in this type of "Storybook" session for your child(ren), I will help you in making decisions about each of those parts.

A family image or two can be taken at a child imagine session, but the focus is on the kids and what we've planned for them. Ideal ages for this type of session are ages 4-8.

Below are some peeks into other child image sessions. Additional fees my apply to some locations, purchase of props (I already own many that you are free to use!) or usage of animals (ie hiring horses and handlers). Please inquire with me through the contact page for more information or to schedule!

This was obviously NOT taken in the desert, but in the beautiful snow covered mountains of CO. We call this image "Shay in Narnia" :)

Shay is 10 now and definitely heading into more of a tween season of life. I decided to do an imagine session with horses for her to celebrate her 9th birthday and most likely her last "imagine" session. So so glad we did this and the piece of childhood that was captured.

Erin McFarlandComment