EMP Session Series I | Child Session

I've been a blogging slacker. It started around the holidays last year and I kept thinking I'd go back and get caught up. We are almost half way through the new year and that doesn't look like it's going to happen. So I'm deciding just to start here and move forward. Such is life :).

Social media makes it easy to post previews for clients and continue to show future clients what they can expect from me. But I've realized that those of you I've never worked with- (Hello! Hope we have the chance soon!!) you are probably not getting a full picture of how I go about the various session types I offer. I am going to be blogging through the various session types to hopefully give you an idea of what I aim to produce for you and what to expect during our time together. 

I photograph mainly newborns, babies, young children and their immediate families. I have been specializing in these session types since 2004 and have learned one very important lesson. Nobody can make a two year do what they don't want to do. Or a newborn. Or a baby. 3 and 4 years olds too sometimes. By 5 kids seem to respond to bribing so it's a little easier to give direction ha. So I've learned to work within the nature of young children. It takes patience on my part and yours. But in the end, I hope to create a gallery of photographs that you will be able to treasure and enjoy for years to come.

I love working with young kids. They aren't so self aware yet, therefore uninhibited with their laughter and carefreeness. Kids are usually curious and have fantastic imaginations. Before a session, my first question will be what you would like the focus to be. Family centered or just focused on the child(ren). There just isn't time to do it all and kids are only at their best for photos for an hour, maybe two. For a session just focused on the kids (a family photo or two can be included if you would like), I will also get an idea on how you would like to focus the session from there. Each family is unique and each child is unique. So the inspiration for your session will be unique to your family and your kids.

Within the session, I will get a few more traditional photos (hopefully looking at the camera with smiles)

Get the kids interacting...


Running around not so aware of the camera...

More interactions. Love capturing relationship

I also love photographing all the pieces in the story of your child's session. Little arm wrapped around a dolly, little hands flipping through a book, little bare feet, etc. As much as I enjoy one super stellar stand alone image, I think images together that tell a story are just as wonderful.

Simple props such as books, flowers, paper airplanes, wagons are wonderful distractions for kids and usually bring our genuine smiles. Another question I will ask is what does your child love? A special doll, blanket, trains, trucks. These simple items that bring joy to your child will not only help bring out smiles, but will document something special to their age.

Thank you Todd and Deana for trusting me to create photographs of your precious girls!
Next up...Child Imagine Sessions. Similar to child sessions, but with a little more imagination adn planning involved :)

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