I offer five different session types and work with you to create a session that fits your family.

  • MATERNITY- It is important to schedule your maternity session early so that the photos can take place when you are between 32-36 weeks. If you are expecting multiples, you may want to schedule for earlier in your pregnancy. Expect about 1 hour of time to complete session. The goal is to capture your beautiful pregnant form. If you have other children you would like to be in the photos, we can get some photos to celebrate your growing family. The style of your maternity session is up to you. I would love to hear what inspires you so that we can come up with a look that is uniquely you. If a whimsical look inspires you, a floral head piece, long flowing dress, and bare feet may be perfect for you. If an urban look is more your style, then a fitted top, jeans, colorful flats, and chunky jewelry may be more up your alley. Or maybe you like the juxtaposition of a little bit of both. Be creative and have fun celebrating this amazing time. Please visit the Pricing Page for more details and the Maternity Gallery for image samples.
  • NEWBORNBooking your session before your baby arrives is ideal. Newborn sessions are scheduled for one week after your estimated due date, then adjusted once baby arrives (if needed) to keep the session within baby's first 3-10 days of life. I typically schedule newborn sessions on weekdays starting in the late morning. Expect anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete photos. I have a studio set up for newborns in my home in NE Phoenix, but can also come to your home for a session more lifestyle in nature. Newborn photos take time and patience (for everyone involved) but having photos of your precious gift so tiny and new makes it all worth it. I photograph newborns in their birthday suits, as well as in bloomers, diaper covers, swaddled in wraps. Your input is important to me and I aim to create a session that is unique to your little one. And speaking of unique, no two babies are exactly alike. Some babies will move from one pose/position to another with no complaint and others are very set on what is comfortable for them. I work hard to get your baby in a variety of poses, but please know that babies have their preferences right from the get go. Also, I will be handling your precious bundle for much of the session. Please rest easy and know that as a mom of three (and many years before that spent caring for little ones), I am very confident around newborns. Please visit the Pricing Page for more details and the Newborn Gallery for image samples.
  • BABY MINIS- The perfect way to capture your little one between 6-12 months of age. Baby mini sessions are done in my N. Phoenix home studio and last only 30 minutes. The goal is to capture your baby sitting up, smiling, grabbing toes, chubby cheeks, and a mommy/baby image or two if you would like. Older children can be included in an image or two but there is an additional fee. The session is mostly done on the cedar wood platform in my studio that creates a very simple, natural look. Please visit the Pricing page for more details and the Baby Mini Gallery for image samples.

Erin's Studio Cedar Platform

  • CHILD (Imagine Session)- Child imagine sessions are focused on photographing your child(ren) in a way that creatively captures their imagination and interests. This can be very simple or more elaborate in design. I have come to love photographing children in this way and want to create a session that is meaningful to who your children are right now. Even if you feel that you are not creative with this sort of thing, you have the knowledge of who your child is and what makes him/her light up. With that information, we can design a unique and memorable photo session. I have some unique props that are available for use at your session and am always on the look our for more. If your child has a pet that he/she loves, we can talk about a session that includes their pet. Or if you would like to include animals that you do not own such as ponies, we can discuss hiring a handler. Even though most of the photos are focused on your child(ren), a couple family photos can be taken as well if requested. If you would like a session that focuses fully on your family as a whole and capturing relationships, please inquire about a family life session. Please visit the Pricing Page for more details and the Children Gallery for image samples.

Children + Imagination

Children + Animals

  • FAMILY (Life Session)-  Family life sessions focus on capturing your family together. The first photo I will try to get is an image of everyone looking and smiling at the camera. If there is more than one small child in your family, this can be a challenge, but I will attempt it nonetheless! The majority of our time will be spent capturing your family interacting with one another, snuggling, and laughing. The goal is to capture relationship. I also aim to capture each child individually as well as all of them together. Simple props can be used to engage your kids and document the sentiments of their ages (ie special blanket, stuffed toy, book, doll, paint and canvas, paper airplanes, balloons, flowers). If you would like a session that focuses fully on your children and creates an atmosphere that shows off their interests, please inquire about a child imagine session. Please visit the Pricing Page for more details and the Family Gallery for image samples.