May 6, 2010

It’s warming up and just about the perfect temp for outdoor newborn photos!  I can’t tell you how excited that makes me since newborns + the great outdoors + my camera= one happy photographer!  Well, we weren’t totally outdoors for sweet baby Rylan’s session.  We were at his grandpa’s house, which had some pretty great scenery all around the place & the little guy loved the the soft sounds and very comfortable mid-80s temp we were experiencing!  At only four days old, this sweet little one has everyone completely smitten with him!  Ten fingers, ten toes, and a full head of beautiful dark hair… welcome to the world Rylan!

Rylan and his gorgeous momma!  See where he got all the great hair?!

Already a Daddy’s boy I think!

This shot was just taken as D was trying to calm Rylan down for the next set of shots, but I think she looks amazing and calm and stunning… not like she just gave birth 4 days ago and hasn’t slept more than 3 hours at a time!  :)

ooooooo… this nook had me at hello.  When I was taking the tour looking for the best photo ops in the house, this was number one on my list!  Looks a little enchanting right… just needed a sweet baby in a basket to make it perfect!  Luckily, Rylan gave us this one shot before he decided he didn’t like my little spot as much as I did.

But he loved this!  Being outdoors put him right back to sleep.

Photos are hard work!  And little guy let me know that with a few big yawns…

How can a baby not be happy here… wrapped in mom’s arms, laying on her chest, a naked bum, and snuggled tight!

And have I mentioned I get to photograph the most wonderful families??  Not only was I invited to stay for dinner, but when I had to decline, they packaged up some of the amazing food that was prepared and sent me on my way with a yummy meal!  If I were still a college student, they might have created a stray cat out of me… back every week for more picture and home cooked meals :)  Seriously though, amazingly generous and hospitable!

This awesome door also had me at hello.

Doesn’t get any sweeter than this…

D family, it was such a privilege to photographer your family of 3!

Joyfully, Erin

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